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Dakkhan Idlee Company

blending tradition

From Nanded's nooks to Nagpur's corners, Mumbai's buzz to Chennai's zest

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About Us

Anna's Tasty Tale

Rohit Shinde (Co-Founder)

In the Heart of Nanded, the aromatic scent of Anna's idlis from "Anna Idly" drew locals to experience the authentic taste of South India. Anna's family had nurtured their idli recipe over generations, a culinary heritage deeply ingrained in tradition. One fortuitous day, Anna crossed paths with Rohit Shinde, the visionary founder of "The Egg Break" franchise. Together, they embarked on a venture to spread Anna's idli delights nationwide.

With franchises sprouting like wildflowers, the brand transformed into "Dakkhan Idlee company," embracing its roots while embracing modernity. From Nanded to Nagpur, Mumbai to Chennai, the flavors of Dakkhan Idlee company narrated the story of Anna's legacy, a culinary bridge uniting India's diverse palates.

Signature Idlee
Our Signature Idlee at Dakkhan Idlee Company represents the pinnacle of our culinary artistry, offering a symphony of flavors and textures that truly define our commitment to excellence.
Podi Idlee
At Dakkhan Idlee Company, our Podi Idlee is a delectable fusion of traditional South Indian idlee and a flavorful spice blend that adds a delightful twist to your palate.
Special Medu Wada
"Our Special Medu Wada at Dakkhan Idlee Company is a golden, crispy delight that encapsulates the authentic flavors of South India in every bite, making it an irresistible favorite among our patrons."
Special Dosa
Our Special Dosa at Dakkhan Idlee Company is a tantalizing blend of crispiness and savory goodness, elevating the South Indian dosa experience to new heights.

Authentic South Indian Recipes

Dakkhan Idlee Company's USP is its dedication to using traditional South Indian recipes and methods to create idlis, dosas, and other dishes. This commitment to authenticity ensures that customers experience the true flavors of South India, setting the brand apart from competitors.

Wide Menu Variety

The franchise offers a diverse menu beyond just idlis, including a range of dosas, vadas, and other South Indian delicacies. This wide variety caters to a broader customer base and appeals to those looking for more than just idlis, making it a versatile and attractive franchise opportunity.

Hygiene and Quality Assurance

Dakkhan Idlee Company places a strong emphasis on hygiene and quality control at every step of the food preparation process. This commitment to cleanliness and consistency in taste ensures that customers can trust the brand, making it a preferred choice in the competitive food industry.

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Dakkhan Idlee Company is a renowned idlee brand in Maharashtra, dedicated to delivering the authentic taste of South Indian-style idlee to our customers. Established with a passion for culinary excellence, we have perfected the art of crafting soft, fluffy, and delicious idlis that transport your taste buds to the southern regions of India.

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